Do you know KOKODOOR can deliver pre-qualified referrals and help your business grow?

KOKODOOR is a New York licensed real estate broker company. We provide a unique real estate agent matching service. We connect pre-screened sellers and buyers with top-performing real estate sales agents on a nationwide basis.

Our leads are pre-qualified and personally verified by our team. So, let us save your energy and time so that you don’t need to follow up on leads which have little chance of conversion

KOKODOOR is an ideal platform for top-performing real estate agents

KOKODOOR is focused on helping the best-performing real estate agents stand out from their competitors.

KOKODOOR’s key objective is to bring together and match top performing real estate agents with clients who are ready to buy or sell their homes or other properties. Our platform will help you obtain new, pre-qualified leads to grow your business.

KOKODOOR provides the opportunity for you to emphasize your track record and successes in real estate and become part of a nationwide team of professionals from the real estate industry.

Advantages of joining KOKODOOR's countrywide platform for Real Estate Sales Agents Professionals

KOKODOOR can help develop your business as well as saving you time and money as you don’t need to follow up on leads which have little chance of conversion. All of the sellers we refer to you have been pre-qualified to cut down your time chasing leads which are unlikely to convert.

You can highlight your experience and track record on KOKODOOR’s website to give you a competitive edge over other agents.

The leads from KOKODOOR can all be monitored and managed from your personal Leads Dashboard, making it easy to control your time!

And, maybe best of all: You can grow your business with KOKODOOR without paying any upfront costs. You only pay a referral fee after you close a transaction!

How does KOKODOOR work?

All you need to do is simply create an account and make sure your profile is complete, appealing and informative. When we have a pre-qualified client who appears to be a great match for you, we will send you an email plus an SMS message. To show your responsiveness, we strongly recommend that you respond to the client within the following 30 minutes. Usually, clients expect a quick follow up from a pro-active agent.

FREE until you close a transaction

KOKODOOR is absolutely FREE until you close a transaction with one of the clients sourced or referred from us.

There is no need to pay anything and no charges from us until such time as a sale is concluded. Then, we only require a 20% referral fee for providing the lead. This referral fee is calculated on the total commission your broker company received before any split.

Will I get regular leads?

KOKODOOR is all about quality leads, not quantity.

Buyers and sellers visit our site because they are particularly looking to work with a top real estate sales agent. They want the best!

Because we only refer leads which have been pre-qualified, you may find that the number of referrals may be slightly lower than some other sites. But, obviously, the chances of a successful closure are much higher.

Of course, other factors come into play. For example, the number of referrals you receive may be affected by the demand in your local market and the experience you can demonstrate in your personal profile.

Finally, please remember the key things about KOKODOOR:

#1: we PRE-QUALIFY each and every referral we send to you
#2: it’s FREE until you close a transaction, then a simple 20% Referral Fee
#3: we do NOT CHARGE any weekly or monthly fees
#4: when we send you referrals there are NO advance fees

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