About Us

KOKODOOR’s primary objective is to help you find the top performing real estate sales agent in your locality for FREE.

In addition:

KOKODOOR provides objective user reviews and recommendations for real estate agents nationwide.

Whether you are planning to sell or buy you deserve to have an experienced, successful real estate agent who can best assist you. But there are more than 2 million real estate agents in the US, so finding the agent right for you is not always that easy…

That’s where we can help!

KOKODOOR uses sophisticated technology to match and bring real estate agents and clients together. We offer a first-class combination of innovative technology, personal customer service and a nationwide network of 10,000+ top-performing real estate agents to match home buyers and sellers with local agents who best fit your needs.

What’s more, we make the matching process fast, easy and FREE.

For those intending to sell

KOKODOOR can help you find the best sales agent to help you sell faster and for more $$$.

We undertake detailed analysis of millions of real estate transactions to compare real estate agents near you, based on performance metrics that matter.

We know you want to work with real estate agents who sell homes quickly and efficiently. The type of real estate agent who won't let your house sit on the market and, maybe, lose value.

KOKODOOR's matching algorithms makes it easy to find top-notch real estate agents. These are agents who keep daily tabs on your local market and know every square meter of the zip codes they cover. These agents know when and for how much each house on your road sold for, and whether the seller got the best price.

We can help you find a real estate agent who has years of experience working in your area, has the best local service providers to hand, and knows what new buyers in your neighborhood want.

They will promptly answer every call, and enlist the help of their vastly-experienced network of professional photographers, interior decorators, contractors, and whoever else you may need to sell your home efficiently and effectively.

So, if you want to hire the top real estate agent in your area, let KOKODOOR help you find the person for you.

For those planning to buy

KOKODOOR will carefully review and analyze the past transactions and experience of real estate agents across the country. As a result, you are only matched with agents with the most experience, greatest expertise and best negotiating power. Leaving you to get objective, FREE performance-based recommendations for top real estate agents in your neighborhood.

We undertake detailed analysis of millions of transactions and thousands of reviews to determine which agent is best for you. A reputable real estate agent can offer excellent negotiating skills, will guide you through the legal processes, and connect you with great mortgage advisors, if required.

Let KOKODOOR match you with the best full-service real estate agent to help you save time and money when buying a new home.

Our matches are FREE and without bias

KOKODOOR’s matching service is 100% FREE with no catches.

There is NO cost for real estate agents to be listed on our platform and they, therefore, cannot influence the matching. So, you are the one who gets the best deal!

Using unbiased data analysis, our primary objective is to ensure that you find the best agent who can assist you in buying or selling your home.

And remember, our matching service is FREE and will not cost you a cent!

Time is money

In a business where time is money, within minutes KOKODOOR can match you with the most appropriate real estate agent. You’ll save your time and be confident that you have the best real estate agent working for you!

Top real estate agents

All real estate agents listed with KOKODOOR have been comprehensively reviewed and analyzed by our team to ensure they meet the standards you expect!

We carefully undertake analysis of more than 20 million real estate transactions to compare thousands of agents across the country and in your area. We are proud to say that we already cooperate with over 10,000 real estate agents countrywide and you'll only be connected with the top performing agents local to your neighborhood.

And, best of all, the decision about which agent you would like to contact is yours!

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